AGENDA TITLE:  Adopt a Resolution making appointments to various boards, commissions and committees. [Airport Authority, Historic District Commission, Housing Authority, Personnel Policy Committee, Planning Commission and Public Facilities Board]  (CCD)

AGENDA DATE:  April 4, 2016

ITEM#:  15A


DATE SUBMITTED:  March 23, 2016

PREPARED BY:  Heather Soyars, City Clerk

SUBJECT:  Appointments to Boards and Commissions

EXHIBITS:  Resolution

Airport Authority – 1 Position

Brian Harris – Forfeit

Bobby Ferguson

Dr. Robert Simmons

Adger Smith


Sec. 6-30 – Quorum; forfeiture of term upon failure to attend meetings.

Six (6) members of the authority shall constitute a quorum; however, three (3) must be from the City of Texarkana, Arkansas, and three (3) from the City of Texarkana, Texas.  Any member who misses three (3) consecutive regular board meetings shall automatically forfeit his term on the Texarkana Airport Authority.


Historic District Commission – 2 Positions

■ David Jones – term expired - would like to continue to serve

■ Al Davis – term expired - would like to continue to serve


Housing Authority – 1 Position

■ Vicki Barry Johnson– term expired

*Awaiting nominations form the Housing Authority


Personnel Policy Committee – 3 Positions

■ Dara Cornett – term expired - would like to continue to serve

■ Heather Soyars – term expired

■ Tracie Lee – term expired - would like to continue to serve

■ Linda Matthews – term ends January 6, 2017 - would like to step down

*The Personnel Policy Committee met January 8, 2016 and made the following recommendations: Re-nominate Tracie Lee and Dara Cornett.  Nominate Kim Wharton to replace Heather Soyars.  Nominate Yasmen Othman to replace Linda Matthews.


Planning Commission – 1 Position

■ Mark Townsend – resigned – unexpired term of May 6, 2014----2017

Danny Lewis – new applicant


Public Facilities Board – 1 Position

■ Heather Soyars – term expired – would like to continue to serve






SUMMARY:  The City has vacancies on various boards and commissions. A resolution has been prepared to formalize appointments to fill the expired terms agreed upon.


**Please remember, City Beautiful Commission Chair has requested the Board appoint additional members to the City Beautiful Commission, so if you have any suggestions please pass those along to the City Clerk.


Board members – if you know of anyone that would like to serve on the City’s Boards and Commissions please have them fill out an application.


A public notice for Boards and Commissions applicants is published in the Texarkana Gazette quarterly.

BOARD ACTION:  The City Manager and staff recommend board approval.

EMERGENCY CLAUSE:  No emergency clause is requested. 





WHEREAS, vacancies exist on various boards and commissions; and

WHEREAS, it is necessary that appointments be made to fill the vacant positions;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Directors of the City of Texarkana, Arkansas, that the following appointments are hereby approved:




















PASSED AND APPROVED this 4th day of April, 2016.





Ruth Penney Bell, Mayor





Heather Soyars, City Clerk





City Attorney



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