AGENDA TITLE:  Approval of Minutes of the regular meeting September 18, 2017. (CCD)

AGENDA DATE:  October 2, 2017

ITEM#:  8


DATE SUBMITTED: September 19, 2017

PREPARED BY:  Heather Soyars

SUBJECT:  Board meeting minutes.

EXHIBITS:  Minutes






SUMMARY:  Board meeting minutes.

BOARD ACTION:  The City Clerk recommends Board approval.

EMERGENCY CLAUSE:  No emergency clause is requested. 






SEPTEMBER 18, 2017



The Board of Directors of the City of Texarkana, Arkansas, convened in regular session at 6:00 PM on Monday, September 18, 2017.


Assistant Mayor Barbara S. Miner asked the Clerk to call the roll and the following Board Members were present:  Assistant Mayor Miner, and Directors Tim Johnson, Travis Odom, Terri Peavy and Linda Teeters.  Also present were City Manager Kenny Haskin, City Attorney George M. Matteson and City Clerk Heather Soyars.  Mayor Ruth Penney Bell was absent.  Director Laney J. Harris arrived at 6:04 PM.

Assistant Mayor Miner asked it to be duly noted there was a quorum present for tonight’s meeting.


The invocation was given by Director Terri Peavy.


Director Terri Peavy led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.



            Assistant Mayor Miner welcomed everyone to tonight’s meeting.


Assistant Mayor Miner said she visited the new location of Reggie’s Burgers, Dogs & Fries on Stateline Avenue.  The exterior and interior of the building was being totally remodeled to accommodate and compliment the new restaurant.

Union Tank Car Company:

Assistant Mayor Miner said she and several other Board members visited the Union Tank Car Company.  She said she was very impressed and enjoyed the tour of the facility. 

Four States Fair:

Assistant Mayor Miner said the community enjoyed this year’s Four States Fair and it was a huge success.

Tri-State Iron & Metal Company:

Assistant Mayor Miner commented she and several other Board members attended the ribbon cutting ceremony for the expansion at Tri-State Iron and Metal Company.

Mayor Bell:

Assistant Mayor Miner said Mayor Bell was absent tonight because her daughter was having a baby.  She wished them both well.


            Assistant Mayor Miner asked if the Directors had any questions or comments.

          No one came forward.

[Director Harris arrived at 6:04 PM]


National IT Professionals Day:

Assistant Mayor Miner read the following proclamation and presented it to IT Manager Kevin Davenport.

A Texarkana, Arkansas Proclamation

“National IT Professionals Day”

September 19, 2017

WHEREAS, the power of technology is wielding a huge impact on the world; and

WHEREAS, the U. S. tech industry is a major driving force in the overall economy, accounting for 7.1 percent of overall GDP and 11.6 percent of U. S. private-sector employment; and

WHEREAS, information technology draws on a highly educated and skilled U. S. workforce of nearly two million people, a number which has continued to grow during the past decade; and

WHEREAS, cloud computing, mobility, big data, automation, and social technologies become common elements for businesses of all sizes and, as cybersecurity becomes a constant concern, the need for employees with technical expertise is growing; and

WHEREAS, booming technology, economic, and demographic shifts continue to rapidly change our world, it is more important than ever for organizations from small businesses to government agencies to embrace effective information technology practices;

NOW THEREFORE, I, Ruth Penney Bell, Mayor of Texarkana, Arkansas, do hereby proclaim September 19, 2017, to be

 “National IT Professionals Day”

in our City and urge our citizens to recognize this accomplished group of people and their contributions in our community.

IT Manager Kevin Davenport said on behalf of himself and the other technicians he wanted to say thank you for the jester of support and appreciation.  

Director Peavy said all the technicians were very helpful and had the right attitude when she called and needed help.  She asked how the IT Department worked diligently to protect our City and its information against cyber threats.

IT Manager Kevin Davenport said it was a combination of in-house training and they tried to keep industry standard practices in place to keep people from taking advantage of the City.  

Budget Variance Report:

Assistant Mayor Miner invited Finance Director TyRhonda Henderson to come forward and give the Budget Variance Report.

Ms. Henderson presented the Budget Variance Report from January-June 2017.  She said expenditures were at 45% percent of the budget while revenues were at 46% of the budget.  By this time of year revenues and expenditures should be at 50% of the budget.  She said the City collected $8.4 million dollars and spent $8.8 million dollars.  Sales taxes and franchise receipts continued to be an area of concern.  Ms. Henderson said sales taxes were trending $150,000 under budget and franchise receipts were $130,000 under budget.  If this continued the City could potentially be $150,000 under budget for the entire year from these two revenue sources alone.  She said she would continue to monitor the City’s budget very closely and asked if there were any questions.             

Director Teeters asked how much of the revenue loss was because of internet sales tax. 

Ms. Henderson said Texarkana, Arkansas, did not have many clothing stores or the type of retail you would buy online.  She said the other cities and counties going wet had effected the City tremendously.  

City Manager Kenny Haskin said he could not stress enough how other counties and cities going wet greatly impacted the City. 

Assistant Mayor Miner said it was also mentioned sales tax and franchise receipts were lower.  

Ms. Henderson said the mild weather had effected the City’s franchise receipts.  She said natural gas franchise receipts had increased tremendously but the price of natural gas was very volatile and the City might see the increase for a couple of years and then it would bottom out.    

Assistant Mayor Miner thanked Ms. Henderson for her presentation. 


Director Teeters moved to approve the consent agenda.  The motion was seconded by Director Odom and carried unanimously.  The items approved by consent were:


The minutes approved were of the regular meeting September 5, 2017.


ORDINANCE NO. 28-2017:

An ordinance was introduced to be entitled, “An Ordinance Amending Section 25-20 of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Texarkana, Arkansas, to Expand the Pool for Potential Members and to Update Provisions Concerning Filling Vacancies on the Advertising and Promotion Commission.”  This ordinance was added to the agenda at the request of Director Tim Johnson.

Director Johnson said there had been numerous vacancies through the years on the Advertising and Promotion Commission due to residency limitation.  He said if the business were inside the city limits and the owner lived inside the county, why could they not be eligible to serve on the commission

Director Teeters moved the ordinance be read in abbreviated form and the ordinance be placed on its third and final reading.  The motion was seconded by Director Odom.  The Clerk called the roll and the following vote resulted: Directors Harris, Johnson, Odom, Peavy, Teeters, and Miner voted aye.  The Assistant Mayor declared the motion carried, as there were six ayes and no nays.

The ordinance was read the third and final time in abbreviated form.

Assistant Mayor Miner asked if any Board or audience member had any questions or comments concerning this item.  No one came forward.

Director Peavy made the motion to adopt the ordinance.  The motion was seconded by Director Odom.  The Clerk called the roll and the following vote resulted: Directors Harris, Johnson, Odom, Peavy, Teeters, and Miner voted aye.  The Assistant Mayor declared the ordinance adopted, as there were six ayes and no nays.


            Assistant Mayor Miner asked if anyone in the audience would like to speak, on any subject up to a total of five minutes.

§  Brooksie Floyd, 911 Ferguson Street, said her house was on a condemned list but she wanted to repair the house and move back in. 

Ms. Floyd’s representative said she received a permit to remodel the house but someone in the Public Works Department called and asked for the permit back and now the Public Works Department would not issue another permit.  He said someone came last month and took down the fence and told her they were going to demolish the house.  He said Ms. Floyd was in the process of getting her house remodeled then but now she was given a letter stating she had 60 days before the house was going to be demolished.  He said they were here tonight to see if they could have more time to get the house remodeled and for her to move back in.

            Dr. Haskin asked how much time did they have to get the house fixed. 

Ms. Floyds representative said it was hard for Ms. Floyd with her finances and she needed at least $9,000 to get the house back into a livable condition.

            Dr. Haskin asked if they had spoken to the Public Works Department yet.

            Ms. Floyd’s representative said no.

Director Teeters asked how much time had passed since she was issued the permit to someone calling asking to bring it back.

            Ms. Floyd’s representative said it was the same day.

            Director Peavy asked what was the reason given for her to bring the permit back.

            Ms. Floyd’s representative said they were not given a reason.

Dr. Haskin said the Public Works Director was in the Board Room and he would like for her to visit with him and hopefully the situation would be able to be resolved. 

Dr. Haskin said Director Harris could come in tomorrow and meet with him and the Public Works Director to see what could be worked out. 

Director Teeters asked what percent of the neighborhoods had sidewalks.  She said she lived in her neighborhood for 27 years and there was not one sidewalk in her neighborhood. 

Assistant Mayor Miner said she watched the children from North Heights School

and they walked on the side of the road that did not have the sidewalk. 

Public Works Director Jeff Whitten said years ago, when most development was going on sidewalks were a priority.  Times changed and developers were not required to put a sidewalk in.  He said at this time it was difficult to get everything done the Public Works Department had to do:  Such as repair roads and sidewalks, mowing, and keeping drainage ways open.  Mr. Whitten said the Public Works Department was getting to everything as quickly as they could.   

            No one else came forward.


Director Tim Johnson, seconded by Director Teeters, moved to adjourn the meeting.  The Clerk called the roll and the following vote resulted: Directors Harris, Johnson, Odom, Peavy, Teeters, and Miner voted aye.  The Assistant Mayor declared the meeting adjourned, as there were six ayes and no nays.

The meeting adjourned at 6:31 PM.



Barbara S. Miner, Assistant Mayor



Heather Soyars, City Clerk