AGENDA TITLE: Adopt a Resolution authorizing the City Manager to purchase a three-year contract with Environmental Systems Research Institute ESRI for a Geographic Information System (GIS) software Enterprise License Agreement.  (TWU)

AGENDA DATE:  October 2, 2017

ITEM#:  9

DEPARTMENT: Texarkana Water Utilities

DATE SUBMITTED: September 19, 2017

PREPARED BY:  J.D. Phillips, P.E., Executive Director

SUBJECT:  Consider a resolution authorizing the City Manager to purchase a three-year Enterprise License Agreement in an amount not to exceed the annual fee of $56,000.00, with the Arkansas portion being $20,860.00.

EXHIBITS:  Resolution and ESRI Software Maintenance Contract





SUMMARY :  Texarkana Water Utilities (TWU) requests the renewal of a three year contract with ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute) for a GIS (Geographic Information System) software Enterprise License Agreement.  This license agreement will continue to allow us an unlimited number of ArcGIS licenses, along with all server software and upgrades.  TWU currently maintains 88 GIS desktop users between the two Texarkanas, with deployments in almost every department.  The server software allows for deployment and management of the current enterprise GIS system, including publishing of aerial photography and web applications.  GIS web applications are currently used in the police departmentís dispatching system, crime analysis, and are deployed on an internal website,, and in the field on iPhones/Tablets (providing access to water/sewer/property maps).  This contract is funded and signed by both Texarkanas.  Funds were budgeted and are available for the renewal of this contract in the Technology Fund. 

BOARD ACTION:  TWU staff recommends approval.

EMERGENCY CLAUSE:  No emergency clause is requested. 





WHEREAS, Texarkana Water Utilities (TWU) requests that the Board of Directors approve a three-year renewal of the contract with Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) for Geographic Informational Systems (GIS) software Enterprise License Agreement; and

WHEREAS, the Arkansas share of the annual fee is $20,860.00 each year and funds for the entire term are budgeted and available; and

WHEREAS, the City Manager and TWU Staff recommend approval;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Directors of the City of Texarkana, Arkansas, that the City Manager is authorized and directed to execute a three-year renewal of the contract for GIS software Enterprise License Agreement with ESRI.

PASSED AND APPROVED this 2nd day of October, 2017.




                  Ruth Penney Bell, Mayor





Heather Soyars, City Clerk





George Matteson, City Attorney