AGENDA TITLE: Adopt an Ordinance authorizing and directing the City Manager to establish a fee schedule to provide a bulk item pick-up service to the citizens of Texarkana, formally known as Dial-A-Truck. (PWD)

AGENDA DATE: 04/16/2018

ITEM#: 7

DEPARTMENT: Public Works Department

DATE SUBMITTED: 04/03/2018

PREPARED BY: Tracie Lee, Assistant Public Works Director

SUBJECT: To Establish a Fee Schedule for Dial-A-Truck

EXHIBITS: Ordinance, 2011 Cost to the City to Operate Dial-A-Truck, What It Would Cost the City Today to Operate Dial-A-Truck and Fee Schedule.





SUMMARY: The City proposes to establish a fee schedule to provide a bulk item pick of service to the Citizens of Texarkana, Arkansas, formally known as Dial-A-Truck.   The fees will be charged and collected as indicated below.


 2018 Dial-A-Truck Suggested Service Fees


Refuse Curbside Pick-Up – Residential (No Apartments)            $60.00 per 2 cubic yards

Dial-A-Truck                                                                                      6 x 6 x 6

Max charge $110.00  

If the truck has to return                                                                     an additional $110.00 fee


Refuse Curbside Pick-Up – Commercial/Rental Properties        $120.00 small load

Dial-A-Truck                                                                                       $360.00 large load

6 x 6 x 6 small load

                                                                                                            12 x 12 x 12 large load

If the truck has to return                                                                     additional $120 or $360 fee

BOARD ACTION: The Board action requested is to adopt an ordinance establishing a fee schedule for a bulk item pick up service formally known as Dial-A-Truck. The City Manager and staff recommend board approval.





WHEREAS, the City may commence a bulk item pick-up service available to citizens or businesses in the City upon request and subject to availability from time to time; and

WHEREAS, in order to provide for this service, it is necessary to set general guidelines and fees for the same; and

WHEREAS, upon investigation, it is determined that the fee schedule set forth below represents fair and reasonable fees to be charged by the City in connection with providing of such service

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the Board of Directors of the City of Texarkana, Arkansas, that: the following is adopted as Section 22-101 of the Code of Ordinances:


Section 22-101.  Bulk Item Pick-Up Service (Upon Request).


(a)        The City may, from time-to-time, provide curbside bulk item refuse removal services to be available upon the request of citizens or businesses within the City.


(b)        At such times that the City does provide curbside bulk item refuse removal, the fees for such services shall be:


Residential (No Apartments)

Up to 8 Cubic Yards:  $30.00 per cubic yard (or portion thereof), with a maximum charge per 8-cubic yard load of $110.00 and a flat charge of $110.00 for each additional trip through removal of all refuse.


Commercial/Rental Properties/Apartments*

Small Load (up to 8 Cubic Yards per load):  $120.00 per load, plus $120.00 per load for each additional trip through removal of all refuse.

Large Load (up to 64 Cubic Yards per load):  $360.00 per load, plus $360.00 per load for each additional trip through removal of all refuse.


*Commercial/Rental Properties/Apartments, at the time of the request, shall indicate whether a “Small Load” or “Large Load” container is requested.  Upon the request of a “Large Load” container, the Large Load fee shall apply for the initial and all subsequent trips per above. 


(c)        The City Manager, or his or her designee, shall establish a policy for scheduling bulk item pick-up services and the collection of corresponding fees.  


(d)       It is the responsibility of the requesting party to cause bulk refuse items to be packaged and appropriately sized for ease of pickup by the City.  This service is not intended to provide general debris or piled small-waste removal.  Bagging of waste, if possible, is required.  Vegetative waste (including, without limitation, lawn waste, trees, clippings or limbs) will not be removed, nor will materials or items not approved for general landfill disposal or that are otherwise hazardous or dangerous.  In the event the City is unable or does not remove an item or items due to manner of packaging, type or size, the fee for any corresponding trip will still apply.


(e)        Bulk item refuse removal is intended to be a convenience service for the City’s citizens and businesses and is not a substitute for regular waste removal services (including, without limitation, regular residential, commercial or construction waste removal services).  The City Manager may suspend bulk item pick-up services, in whole or in part, in light of any personnel, equipment or other issues that may exist from time to time.  The City may refuse to provide bulk refuse removal services to any person or entity abusing the service as determined by the City Manager in consultation with the Director of Public Works.  


PASSED AND APPROVED this 16th day of April, 2018.




Ruth Penney Bell, Mayor




Heather Soyars, City Clerk





George M. Matteson, City Attorney