AGENDA TITLE:  Adopt a Resolution authorizing the City Manager to purchase property located at 710 E. 4th Street, which includes the purchase of a vacant lot located at 320 Pecan Street (TAPD)


AGENDA DATE:  May 21, 2018

ITEM#:  9

DEPARTMENT:   Texarkana Arkansas Police Department

DATE SUBMITTED:  May 14, 2018

PREPARED BY: Lt. Chris Rankin

SUBJECT: The police department is seeking approval to purchase a building located at 710 E. 4th Street which includes the purchase of a vacant lot located at 320 Pecan Street.  A contract from the Wren estate is attached to this request.

EXHIBITS:  Resolution and Contract and Location Map.







SUMMARY: The police department has been renting this space for a couple of years and was recently informed that the owners intend to sell the property.  The department was given the first offer to buy and is seeking approved to purchase this property to continue to be used for evidence processing and long-term storage of evidence.  A memo has been submitted to the City Manager detailing the situation, but at this point the police department is out of space to securely process and store evidence in accordance with State law and best practices.  $20,000 will come from United State Marshal funds and $20,000 will come from Asset Forfeiture Funds reserved in the City’s General Fund.

BOARD ACTION: The City Manager and staff recommend approval.

EMERGENCY CLAUSE: This a resolution therefore no emergency clause is needed.



            WHEREAS, due to space limitations in the Bi-State Justice Building, the Police Department, as a tenant, has occupied certain property located at 710 East 4th Street and used the same for storage and processing of evidence as required by applicable law, regulation or good practice; and

WHEREAS, the City has negotiated for the purchase of such property (which includes the purchase of a vacant lot located at 320 Pecan Street) therefrom, and all being more specifically described as Lots 1-3 in Block 58 and Lot 11 in Block 59 of the Original City of the City of Texarkana) for $40,000.00; and   

WHEREAS, funds for such purchase exist in the US Marshal Service Account ($20,000.00) and the Asset Forfeiture/Equitable Sharing Account ($20,000.00); and

WHEREAS, the City Manager, Chief of Police, and staff recommend the purchase of the Property;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Board of Directors of the City of Texarkana, Arkansas, he City Manager is hereby authorized and directed to enter into a contract to purchase the above described property on the terms so described and, further, that the FY2018 Budget (originally adopted as Resolution No. 2017-55) is amended to recognize such expenditure.

PASSED AND APPROVED this 21st day of May, 2018.




                                                                                                   Ruth Penney Bell, Mayor



Heather Soyars, City Clerk




George M. Matteson, City Attorney