AGENDA TITLE:  Consider the following concerning police radios: 

  1. Adopt an Ordinance waiving competitive bidding requirements and authorizing purchase of radios for Texarkana, Arkansas Police Department from Motorola Solutions. (TAPD) Police Chief Bob Harrison
  2. This ordinance requires an emergency clause: An emergency clause requires a separate and distinct vote of the board and is valid only if there is a two-thirds vote of approval by the board. (Hdbk. Const. Amend 7)



AGENDA DATE:  June 4, 2018 

ITEM#:  9 

DEPARTMENT:  Texarkana Police Department   

DATE SUBMITTED:  05/22/2018

PREPARED BY:  Captain Doug Avery

SUBJECT: Replacement of Motorola radios   

EXHIBITS:  Ordinance and Motorola Quote 




EXPENSE REQUIRED:   $632,654.85

AMOUNT BUDGETED:  $632,654.85


SUMMARY: We are seeking to spend the portion of the recent Bond Issue allocated to Police Department for the purchase of radios. In 2016, we received notice from Motorola that our current radios (both portables and mobiles) are nearing the end of expected life span and parts support would be ending in December of 2018. Due to this, the Police Department needs to replace all our radios and we contacted Motorola Solutions/Shreveport Communications/Ark-La-Tex Two Way to begin the process. They hold the state bid for Motorola Radios and we have attached the bid we received to this request.

The purchase will come from the following two sources; Bond Issue - $596,219.78

Cost Recovery - $36,435.07  

BOARD ACTION:  City Manager and staff recommend board approval.

EMERGENCY CLAUSE:  Due to the importance of this purchase, this ordinance requires an emergency clause to keep the pricing the same.    





WHEREAS, the mobile and portable radios used by the Texarkana, Arkansas Police Department (TAPD) are nearing the end of their useful life, with parts and support scheduled to be discontinued by Motorola in December of this year; and

WHEREAS, given such circumstances it is necessary to purchase, and arrange for the programming and installation of new mobile and portable radios; and

WHEREAS, a portion of the Franchise Fee Secured Capital Improvement Revenue Bonds, Series 2018, was budgeted and designated for such purpose, further, additional funds are available in the Police Reserve/Capital Project Fund; and

WHEREAS, Ark-La-Tex Two Way Communications, which services and programs all local first responder communication equipment operating through and in the Bi-State Justice Center, is sole entity most familiar with the existing local first responder communication system serving our area; and

WHEREAS, Ark-La-Tex Two Way Communications is now a part of Motorola Solutions, Shreveport Communications, which has a state approved contract to supply Motorola products and services; and

WHEREAS, TAPD utilizes the Arkansas Wireless Information Network (AWIN), the statewide communication system for first responder communication; and

WHEREAS, Motorola Solutions, Shreveport Communications is authorized by AWIN to provide Motorola goods and services; and 

WHEREAS, AWIN operates largely through the use of Motorola equipment and, while certain devices other than Motorola devices can be configured to communicate via AWIN, such devices are not compatible for communication with the existing public safety equipment utilized by Texarkana, Texas, or Bowie County, Texas; and

WHEREAS, pursuant to Ark. Code Ann. 14-47-138, the Board of Directors may waive the requirements of competitive bidding in exceptional situations where competitive bidding is not feasible or practicable; and

WHEREAS, Section 2-72 of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Texarkana, Arkansas, likewise competitive bidding recognizes certain instances may exist making it not feasible to obtain quotations or bids; and

WHEREAS, in order to ensure compatibility with AWIN, and existing equipment utilized by TAPD, the Bi-State Justice Center, and other local public safety providers (both within and without of the State), it is necessary to continue with the use of Motorola radios; and

WHEREAS, Motorola Solutions/Shreveport Communications/Ark-La-Tex Two Way Communications, with its unique knowledge of and familiarity the local and public safety communication system, submitted a proposal based on state contract pricing to replace the soon to be obsolete TAPD communication devices in the amount of $632,654.85; and

WHEREAS, for the reasons set forth herein, competitive bidding is not feasible or practicable and any applicable competitive bidding requirement should be waived as permitted by state and local law; and

WHEREAS, the City Manager, TAPD and staff recommend approval;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the Board of Directors of the City of Texarkana, Arkansas, that:

Section 1:       Any competitive bidding practices that may be otherwise required by applicable law and ordinance are waived and the City Manager is authorized to enter into a contract with Motorola Solutions/Shreveport Communications/Ark-La-Tex Two Way Communications for the purchase, programming and installation of new mobile and portable radios and support equipment in the amount of $632,654.85, with funding for the same coming from Franchise Fee Secured Capital Improvement Revenue Bonds, Series 2018, issue in the amount of $596,219.78, and from the Police Recovery/Capital Project Fund in the amount of $36,435.07.   

Section 2:       This action being necessary for the preservation of the public peace, health and safety (including, without limitation, the need to immediately order and transition to new radio usage prior to obsolescence of the existing radios in use), and a separate and distinct vote having been taken on this emergency clause, an emergency is therefore declared to exist, and this ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage and approval.

PASSED AND APPROVED this 4th day of June, 2018.




Ruth Penney Bell, Mayor




Jenny Narens, Deputy City Clerk






George M. Matteson, City Attorney